Starbucks and Clinton Savings Bank arrive at Edgemere Crossing

Crews are working on the construction of future retail in the Edgemere Crossing development in Shrewsbury. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

SHREWSBURY – A Starbucks arrives at the new Edgemere Crossing at Flint Pond in Shrewsbury.

This came to light when the developers returned to Shrewsbury Planning Council on March 3 asking for a change to their site plan, which the council approved.

Project previously approved in 2020

The Planning Council previously approved plans for the Edgemere mixed-use development, located on Route 20, in 2020.

The 68-acre site, which used to house Edgemere Drive-In, will be developed with 250 apartments and retail space.

The retail component was originally intended to be anchored in a consumer basket. The plans also called for a pharmacy, bank, and general retail space in four separate locations.

“[We’re] seeks to modify some [pieces] of these items because we have identified a few tenants who will move into the square,” attorney Todd Brodeur said during the March 3 meeting.

Brodeur specifically stated that a Clinton Savings Bank and Starbucks would come to the development.

Plans still show the proposed location of the market cart, which will occupy nearly 80,000 square feet of retail space.

What was proposed to be a 13,120 square foot pharmacy, however, will now be a 2,780 square foot bank. What was proposed as a 2,030 square foot bank, meanwhile, will now be a 2,225 square foot Starbucks.

There will be two drive-thru lanes in the Starbucks and 27 parking spaces.

Project engineer Roy Smith said his team widened the outer lane to accommodate a fire engine and other emergency vehicles following feedback from the Shrewsbury Fire Department.

“I think technically we’re increasing the open space with this change by about 4,000 square feet, which is significant,” Smith said this month.

Edgemere representatives predict $1 million in revenue for the city

Cars pass as the Edgemere Crossing development takes shape along Route 20 in Shrewsbury. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

Drivers on Route 20 recently watched crews build the apartment buildings on the site.

During previous Planning Board meetings, Edgemere representatives estimated that the development would generate just over $1 million in revenue for the city between property taxes, retail sales and excise taxes. on vehicles.


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