Peru Savings Bank Achieves 5-Star Bauer Rating – Shaw Local


Peru Federal Savings Bank has received the highest rating (five stars) from BauerFinancial, Inc.

Bauer rates all federally insured U.S. banks by the same standards. It’s all about numbers, and in the case of the Federal Savings Bank of Peru, numbers show strength.

To achieve Bauer’s highest rating (five stars), the Federal Savings Bank of Peru must excel in the areas of capital adequacy, profitability, loan quality, among others. And he did.

Peru Federal Savings Bank had continuously achieved Bauer’s highest rating since October 2009 (53 consecutive quarters), earning it the additional distinction of Exceptional Performance Bank, a designation reserved only for banks that achieved this highest rating for 40 (or more) consecutive years. quarters.

“The Peru Federal Savings Bank has capital levels well above what regulators consider ‘adequate,'” said Karen Dorway, president of BauerFinancial. “This capital buffer is what will help the Federal Savings Bank of Peru ride out any downturn that may be headed our way, as it has in the past. Capital is king in banking. which allows a bank to carry on business as usual, even when those around it are struggling. What you want is a bank with high capital levels, strong loan underwriting and solid profits, and that’s what you get with the Peru Federal Savings Bank. Neighbors and friends should feel safe in that.

Founded in 1887, the Federal Savings Bank of Peru has been a pillar of the community for 135 years. For more information about the Federal Savings Bank of Peru, visit


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