Machias Savings Bank deploys optional voice identification security measure


LINCOLN, Maine (WABI) – Machias Savings Bank has a new way to secure your account and all you need is your voice.

“We want to protect information, especially in our day and age where many of the problems we see can come from things like hacking, identity theft, etc.,” said bank vice president Tim Goff.

With this in mind, Machias Savings Bank is allowing customers to opt in to their new voice identification technology.

Goff says it’s a great way to balance security and convenience.

“It basically takes the voice of a caller in our call center, and it creates a voice print much like a fingerprint or even a face ID that can then be used to help verify who my customer is. It just happens in the background and just creates an extra layer of security for the client,” Goff said.

Goff says he sees this as an extra layer of security that no one can duplicate, even professionals.

“You certainly know the different dialects of Maine let alone the whole world, right? But they’re still as unique as our fingerprint, and that’s really what we enjoy is that uniqueness” , said Goff.

The service is not mandatory, but if you want to join, just call them.

“It’s not done behind the scenes without your permission, and we want to be transparent with that part of the process,” Goff said.

Goff says that as banks move to digital platforms and more people use their phones, the more protection they can add, the better.

“If it protects me more, there’s a 5% more chance that my money is somehow safer.” I’ll take that every time,” Goff said.

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