Instant Loan Terror: Rape and Blackmail | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Despite police crackdown, harassment of people on loan through instant loan apps continues unabashedly in the city. In the first two weeks of May, police filed six lawsuits against loan collectors for allegedly threatening to rape women, posting nude photos online and circulating altered photos and videos among contacts, s they weren’t repaying the loans.
Among the applications named in the FIRs are Cash Bus, Lendmall, Cash Advance, Rupee King and Rupee Box, Ok Loan, Sunshine Loan, Money Grant, Gold Sea Lend Mall, Bharat Loan, Bharat Cash, Cash Cherry Lend, Rose Lend, Small Cash, XP cash, Moneymaster, Lend King, Lend Fast, Coco Fast and Coco Lend.
On May 9, Hyderabad Cyber ​​Crime Police took action against a loan application based on a complaint by a 48-year-old housewife from Old Bowenpally. In her complaint, she alleged: “I took out a loan from an application in October 2021, due to a medical emergency, for seven days. On the due date, I received a WhatsApp message, stating that if I don’t make the payment right away, they will release naked photos of me among my family and friends.
Agents threaten to post photos of victims on porn sites
The housewife told the police that she asked them for time until the evening, but they forced her to download another app and take out a new loan of 10,000 to pay them back.
“I followed their instructions, downloaded the app and made the payment, but the harassment didn’t stop there,” the complainant said. She was forced to download 14 different apps in the same way. “To date I have made several payments with huge interest and extreme humiliation,” the woman said, adding that it was a “big trap” and that officers are using “foul language.”
Likewise, a 28-year-old moneylender from Peerzadiguda filed a complaint with the cybercrime police on May 7. The private employee borrowed from apps like Cash Bus, Lendmall, Cash Advance, Rupee King and Rupee Box. “I repaid the loan, but the officers are harassing, saying the payments didn’t go through and I have to pay again,” the complainant said.
“The officers threatened to upload transformed photos of me and my family members to porn websites, if I didn’t pay. Out of fear, I refunded a certain amount and uninstalled the apps. interest and started harassing me by sending a transformed photo of me like “rapist, 250 rs k liye apni *** ko rape kiya, he raped a 7 year old girl, most wanted financial fraud, loan chor” etc …Due to the harassment, I ended up paying 49 lakh but only 20 lakh was shown as credited.”
A 43-year-old employee from Musheerabad also said loan applications demanded he pay 16,000 when he had paid 6,000 on a loan of 3,300. In his case too, officers threatened to send her nude photos to all contacts. Hyderabad Cyber ​​Crime Police registered an FIR on May 10.
On the same day, police had registered two more cases – one, based on a complaint from a 41-year-old employee based in Old Mallepally, and another from a video editor from Jubilee Hills.
In the first case, the lender took out loans from two applications and later from others to repay the first two. “I had 18 loans on apps but they are not updating the account,” he said. In the second case, the lender faces harassment, despite having made the payments on time.

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