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Since its founding, Davis County has always been a rural county. The majority of the population resided on farms and in small communities formed to serve the needs of farmers in the region.

West Grove was founded in 1853 and was one such village, with a general store, post office, school, and churches catering to the needs of the county’s southwestern residents. The arrival of the railroad in 1869 further spurred the growth of the city. Businesses had access to goods and farmers had a way to transport their livestock and produce to distant markets. A doctor-surgeon, a pharmacist, barbershops, a saddler, a blacksmith, stockyards and a hotel followed the railway.

One of the symbols of the stability of a community is the presence of a bank. This was the case in West Grove around 1900, when the West Grove Savings Bank opened in a small brick building. In the photo above, from around 1913, a 1911 Ford Model T Torpedo Runabout is parked in front of the bank.

The bank’s longevity was short-lived. On July 16, 1926, the bank closed and its assets were transferred to Moulton State Savings Bank. The now defunct West Grove Bank was located in what is now left field of the city ballpark.

— Rudy Evans |


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