Fulton Savings Bank Pledges Business Support for Fulton Block Builders – Oswego County Today

Pamela Caraccioli, President and CEO of Fulton Savings Bank and Annette Cotton, Vice President of Fulton Savings Bank, present Linda Eagan, Director of Fulton Block Builder, with a check for $10,000 for the 2022 Capital Campaign of the ‘organization.

FULTON – As the Fulton Block Builder (FBB) program continues its fundraising campaign, businesses and individuals have again shown their continued support. Recently, one of the city’s oldest financial institutions, Fulton Savings Bank, stepped up again to ensure FBB’s success.

According to the Fulton Savings Banks Historical Records, in 1871 a group of civic leaders organized the Fulton Savings Bank “to receive deposits from shopkeepers, clerks, mechanics, laborers, miners, servants, and others.”

The bank’s first location was in a rented room at the northeast corner of Second and Oneida streets. Since then, Fulton Savings Bank has served the greater community of Fulton and continues to build trust for generations.

According to Linda Eagan, Executive Director of FBB, “Fulton Savings Bank’s donation to FBB is another commitment to their philosophy. Since the start of FBB in 2017, we have seen this community come together in so many positive ways and the corporate support of Fulton Savings Bank is one of those ways… From the start, the bank has supported the unique approach of FBB in community revitalization, which strives to generate neighborhood pride and help owners and co-owners recoup some of the cost of their outdoor real estate investment. The main feature of this approach is to build on strengths rather than just correcting weaknesses. This support for our hometown is truly inspiring.

“Fulton Savings Bank is proud to be an ongoing sponsor of this exciting initiative,” said Pamela Caraccioli, President and CEO. “Thank you to everyone involved with Fulton Block Builders for their continued work to revitalize our community.”

FBB donations can be made on the website at: https://www.fultonblockbuilders.com/donate/

Or make checks payable to: CenterState CEO Foundation Inc.-Fulton Block Builders 115 West Fayette Street
Syracuse, NY 13202


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