First Central Savings Bank donates $27,000 to St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital in Bayside –


First Central Savings Bank donated $27,000 to St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital for early childhood education. (Photo courtesy of First Central Savings Bank)

On May 5, First Central Savings Bank (FCSB) donated $27,000 to St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital to help with early childhood education. The donation was made to help purchase digital whiteboards that will create opportunities to immerse students with special needs in learning.

First Central Savings Bank made the donation shortly after asking St. Mary’s Health System what its most immediate early childhood education needs were.

According to First Central Savings Bank President Joseph Pistilli, his family has a long history of working at St. Mary’s since the early days of its inception in Bayside. He also highlighted the importance of resources and support that can improve outcomes for children, families and communities. FCSB Vice President Anna Marie Vallone also said the donation will spur greater student engagement for children with medical complexities and special health care needs.

“Incorporating digital whiteboards into our classrooms as a tool for teaching early literacy skills will help us reach young children in many positive and powerful ways,” said St. Mary, Carol Chou Park. “This sizable donation will be a catalyst for the work we are doing to give non-verbal students access to a voice.”

“Whiteboards are a proven tool in teaching early literacy,” Vallone said. “Whether teaching the core curriculum or early financial education, these digital whiteboards are one of the most effective tools for lesson preparation and teaching.”

The check was presented by Pistilli alongside Executive Vice President Michael Serao and Vallone to St. Mary’s President and CEO Dr. Edwin Simpser, educator Nicole Mascoli, Director of Marketing and Communications Jennifer Kunz and Vice President of Development Sean Lally. The bank’s newest advisory board member, Anthony Lemma, was also on hand to celebrate the donation.


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