East Cambridge Savings Bank supports local nonprofits in Woburn : NEREJ


Woburn, Mass. East Cambridge Savings Bank supported two local non-profit organizations to mark their entry into the local community. August 1stst, the bank presented donations to the North Suburban YMCA located in Woburn and the Lexington Interfaith Outreach Food Pantry. These two donations of $5,000 will go directly to each organization’s programming and client services, allowing them to use the funds for urgent needs. Officials from both organizations joined the opening day festivities at 237 Lexington St. on the bank’s first day of operations in Woburn after completing the acquisition of Patriot Community Bank.

“It is truly an honor to support the North Suburban YMCA and the Lexington Food Pantry. Both of these organizations do vital work in Woburn, Lexington and surrounding towns and villages and we admire their unwavering commitment to serving the community,” said Gilda Nogueira, Chief Executive Officer of East Cambridge Savings Bank. “It has become customary to donate to local non-profit organizations when the bank opens a new banking center or expands its branch presence. It is our way of demonstrating our commitment to the community from day one and to express our gratitude for being welcomed by area residents, customers and businesses.

Representatives from both organizations were present for the first day of the bank, including Lindsey Lerit, Associate Executive Director of the North Suburban YMCA. “We really appreciate the support from East Cambridge Savings Bank, and it was great to be part of their opening day at Woburn,” said Lerit. “This donation will help our efforts to provide programs for children, families and seniors in the Woburn area to support their physical and emotional well-being.”

Carolyn Wortman, program coordinator at the Lexington Interfaith Outreach Food Pantry, devotes countless hours to fighting food insecurity and hunger in nearby Lexington. “What we at the Food Pantry have always known is that hunger and lack of access to high-quality, nutritious food is an issue that affects all communities,” Wortman said. “This was particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the pantry saw a dramatic increase in needs. We continued to be there for the community and never stopped serving our customers. We welcome the support of East Cambridge Savings Bank so that we can continue to provide essential pantry services.


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