Dearborn Federal Savings Bank Donates to DuVall Elementary Students – Press and Guide


For generations, young people have liked to see their savings grow every time they deposit coins in their piggy bank.

Thanks to a local bank, that feeling won’t be lost for some Dearborn Elementary School students.

Students in Colleen Shapas’ class show off their new banks. (John Zadikian – For MediaNews Group)

A team of executives from the Dearborn Federal Savings Bank visited DuVall Elementary School Oct. 6 to donate piggy banks to second and fourth graders. They also donated $250 gift cards to two teachers, Jacki Alabakoff and Colleen Shapas, for school supplies.

Bank President Marty Heger, along with Vice Presidents Julie Brooks and Pam Meek, said they enjoy interacting with the children and seeing other items purchased with previous donations, such as flex seats, being used.

“We are so happy to help DuVall Elementary students and teachers with our donation of items they can use in the classroom,” Heger said. “Our commitment to the Dearborn-area education system is very important to us, and our donation to DuVall Elementary is just another layer of our dedication to financial literacy and future bankers.”

The kids were thrilled to receive the blue silicone rubber banks, and many commented that they couldn’t wait to use them.

Alabakoff, who teaches fourth grade, expressed his gratitude on behalf of his students.

“The stuff we got from the bank and their support was so helpful because the kids can sit anywhere in the classroom with the flexible seats and tables,” she said of the previous donations from the bank. “They’re also supported by literacy with new books, and now these banks.”

Founded in 1936, Dearborn Federal Savings Bank has five branches in Dearborn and Dearborn Heights and has a long history of supporting the community. The bank supports Dearborn Goodfellows, Dearborn Education Foundation, and Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit, among other organizations.


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