27-year-old lottery winner to pay off student loans with winnings


A young Ontario lottery player says her win will help her prepare for the future.

Crystal Larocque works in finance and the 27-year-old from New Liskeard said she started playing instant bingo games just “for something to do”.

“I was playing my ticket and I realized that I had discovered a line and four turns”, she recalls. “Then I discovered the last number needed to make a box.”

She was stunned when she realized she had won, but wanted to check the results first.

“I couldn’t believe it, so I checked on the OLG app,” she said. “When I saw ‘Big Winner’, I started shaking!”

Larocque discovered that she had won an Instant Bingo Doubler prize worth $50,000.

Crystal Larocque/OLG

She also wasted no time and immediately went to the store to validate her ticket.

“It was a surreal and absolutely amazing experience,” she said.

While at the OLG Prize Center in Toronto, Larocque said she already had plans for her winnings.

“I’m going to pay off my student loan and set the rest aside for a down payment on my own property,” she said.

Practical matters aside, Larocque said she has other fun plans as well.

“I’m going to get some pampering and some furniture,” she said.

Larocque bought his winning ticket at Mac’s on Paget Street in New Liskeard.


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