Credit Bureau free loan from abroad

In Germany, banks and savings banks require a good credit rating in order to be able to grant a loan. The good credit rating is made up of a regular and solid income, as well as a good Credit Bureau. While the income can usually still be raised somehow, it often does not look so good at Credit Bureau.

In this case it is only positive and negative. And it is always negative if there are indications of default or the like. Since many consumers have never paid their telephone bill or an invoice from the mail order company on time, a negative entry is quickly available in the Credit Bureau. Since this reduces the creditworthiness, a loan is only possible if you would get a co-applicant to take out the loan. If you do not want this, it will be very difficult to find a good loan in Germany. Fortunately, there are foreign banks that also grant loans to German citizens. Even if it has to be a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad.

Why a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad is not a big hurdle

Why a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad is not a big hurdle

Globalization makes it possible that not only goods can be bought and produced all over the world, but also that cross-border banking is not a major problem. As a German citizen with a permanent residence in Germany, you can easily apply for a loan in many countries around the world. However, since one should not necessarily look too far into the distance when making money transactions, it is advisable to take out the loan in one of the neighboring countries. Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein would be very good points of contact. There are banks that specialize in long-term loans and therefore help quickly and unbureaucratically with a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad. And this even over the Internet, which means that a direct audition to the banks is not necessary.

this is possible

this is possible

In order to be able to explain the options for a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad in more detail, an example should show the options.

Fine Bank from the small Principality of Liechtenstein has been a guarantor for a foreign loan for years. Credit Bureau is not asked for these loans. In addition, the credit is not noted in the Credit Bureau, so it does not reduce it further.

With a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad, a small loan is usually possible. At Fine Bank, this would be a loan of $ 3,500 or $ 5,000. The repayment is made in fixed monthly installments, the amount of which is determined in advance. It is the same with interest. These are also laid down in advance and do not change.

If such a loan is to be taken out, then the Credit Bureau is not relevant. But without a steady income, nothing works abroad. This fixed income must be able to be proven. Since you do not have to travel abroad for the credit, you should visit the website of the selected bank to fill out the application forms. The approval then takes about 10 days. The money will be transferred to a previously specified account.

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