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Who We Are - What We Do

NCCPB represents member companies in the business of plant improvement.

Our efforts are guided by the following values and behaviors:

  • We serve to encourage cooperation, partnering, and mutual support with public research and educational institutions.

  • We recognize outstanding scientific contributions in the field of plant and seed improvement through our awards program.

  • We foster highest standards of professional and business ethics among all concerned with plant breeding and genetic research.

  • We support improving and simplifying systems of intellectual property protection for enhancing development and improvement of seeds and plants on a worldwide basis.

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Impact Statement and Invitation to Membership in NCCPB

The role of the NCCPB is increasingly important as we embrace the expanding challenges of providing affordable, abundant, predictable, and nutritionally enhanced food to meet changing global population demands and livelihoods.  We must work together to better manage valuable and finite natural resources, the impact of advancing technologies and regulatory processes, and the increasingly dynamic agricultural environment of our customers and ultimate benefactors in society (those who eat food grown from seeds).

Plant Breeding has evolved beyond the application of classic genetic principles to the improvement of plants for human use, and now represents a core and fundamental contributor to improved global health and prosperity, indeed to sustainability and the quality of continued existence for all.

Plant breeding is now fully integrated in the broader scientific community, and fuels the biologic and genetic revolution that is unfolding in our time.  What was once just a handful of functions is now a complex, systematic process in the hands many integrated researchers and decision makers who guide the design, development and introduction of improved seed products for farmers and growers.  As we continue our mission to provide food and fiber to the world through improved and sustainable agriculture, our hope is that we broaden our definition of plant breeding, which must be reflected in the membership in this council.  We encourage leadership in companies engaged in plant breeding, in the broad sense, to join your peers in the ASTA and enroll your organization in the NCCPB  thereby supporting the advancement of our mutual efforts and causes.

If you are in the business of this broader definition of plant breeding, you are encouraged to contact Ann Jorss at 703-837-8140 or any time for further information on membership in NCCPB. If you wish to join NCCPB, please fill out the membership application and send to Ann Jorss, 1701 Duke Street, Suite 275, Alexandria, VA 22314.





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